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INITIAL MEETING - An initial meeting on site would be arranged to see the site and discuss ideas and requirements.

PROJECT FEASIBILITY - This involves checking Planning Policies, whether the building is Listed or in a Conservation Area, mains services running across the site and whether there are any ground deposits in the area that affect the stability of the site. We would then make sure any proposals are in keeping with the scale of any existing buildings, the site itself and its surroundings.

TOPOGRAPHICAL SITE SURVEY - To allow us to prepare accurate plans a measured survey of the site and immediate surroundings needs to be prepared. This should incorporate any existing buildings on the site, site boundaries, ground levels, position and size of any trees and hedges, overhead wires, drains and sewers, and the access onto the site. Once this has been drawn up onto CAD it gives us a starting point to prepare the proposals.

SKETCH DESIGNS - With all the information gathered, initial sketch drawings and draft proposals can be prepared for discussion. We would normally present a few alternatives to make sure all the options have been explored. At this stage we welcome your thoughts and questions to ensure we can progress to the next stage with a proposal you are completely happy with.

PLANNING APPLICATION - Once the design is finalised we prepare the planning drawings, incorporating all the information needed by the Local Planning Authority.
The Local Planning Authorities also require additional information which is dependant on the type of site, the proposals and the type of application. This may include a Design & Access Statement, Sustainability Report, and a Planning Statement. The application is collated and submitted on-line. We monitor the progress of all applications submitted to ensure any problems that may arise are dealt with, increasing the chance of the application being approved.

BUILDING REGULATION APPLICATION - When Planning Approval has been granted we prepare the Building Regulation drawings which provide all the information needed to show compliance with the Building Regulations. Structural Calculations are normally prepared by a Structural Engineer and Thermal Calculations are often required depending on the project. The Building Regulation Application is submitted and the plans are checked by a Building Control Officer.

WORKING DRAWINGS - Once Building Regulation consent has been granted there is usually additional information to put on the plans, such as finishes and details which are needed for the build of the project but not necessary for Building Control. The amount of additional information depends on the type and size of a project and the budget, a new house would need considerable extra information adding but a small alteration or extension may need very little.

TENDER DOCUMENTS - A tender package is put together comprising the working drawings and a specification. This is a comprehensive package which provides the builders with all the information required to supply an accurate quote.

SITE SUPERVISION - We can offer site supervision as part of our service. Weekly meetings held on site to ensure everything goes to plan and answer any question the construction team have. Communication is the key to a job running smoothly and regular site visits enable us to keep track of the progress, the standard of work and control the costs. Our Clients often wish to undertake this themselves, especially if the project is small scale but if this is not something you have the time to do we are happy to provide our services for this role.

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